Thursday, November 19, 2015

#ScreamQueens: Fat Chanel #7

scream queens style
It's been so long since there has been a show with good fashion on.  The last fallen show was Gossip Girl, but now we have Scream Queens. I'm obsessed with the over the top furs, preppy pastels, and overall girly feel of the girls.  My favorite, of course, is Chanel's style.  Now it's in my heart to become Chanel #7.  I have it all played out in my head.  As Fat Chanel #7,  my first duty is to get everyone to eat real food. I know it's a little cliche' that the fat girl would get everyone to eat, but Fat Chanel #7 doesn't do cotton balls.  In addition,  as Fat Chanel #7 would rival Chanel in her fashion choice and royally pissing her off because a fat girl isn't supposed to be able to compete with her fashion-wise.  Yes, I have thought about this and yes, it sounds a ridiculous, but the show is ridiculous, so it fits. LOL.  I'm proposing my new hashtag for my role, #garnerstyleforfatchanel7. Use it, love it, and embrace it. So serious. HA! 
scream queens style

scream queens style

Top: Steinmart, Skirt: Eloquii, Shoes - Shoes of Prey, Coat: ASOS, Nails - Etsy

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Feelin' Fancy In My Fluff

How I love a good and inexpensive find.  In plus size, that doesn't happen too often, but when it does it is flipping sweet! This skirt, from Charlotte Russe, although not photographed good on the website is ah-mazing in person. It's full, feminine, and fancy.  So here's the lowdown on fit.  I think this skirt is pretty true to size. Now, the 3X is a bit longer than the 2X.  If you are looking for a longer length then size up, but you will need to take in the waist if you aren't a 3X waist.  I'm a 2x waist and had to take in the skirt, but the length is perfect.

Other Style Notes: I've had this top in my closet from ASOS for a year and never wore it, so I'm sorry it's not available.  I've had these shoes from ASOS for a about 4 months as well and although these aren't available, I put in a few other options.  I wear a size 12 in ASOS shoes.  For me, I have to size up from my normal 11 to accommodate the width of my feet.  My lippy is Flat Out Fabulous from MAC.  

Get The Look:

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Getting Great Deals

So one of my favorite places to shop are the Simon Premium Outlets.  The location I visit the most are the outlets in Vegas.  It's a special trip that I make to Vegas just to rack up on deals.  This year, I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping completed at Las Vegas North Premium Outlets, because there is a Kate Spade New York. Hey, I got to get myself something. HA!  I have enough nieces and nephews to form a basketball team and Christmas is all about the kids.  Now I'm the Aunt who likes to buy everything that the kids need for their next semester of school.  I headed over to the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet for my nephew who is in 6th grade and wears adult size pants and has the biggest feet I've every seen on a 12 year old.  Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that fits him great, so every year we get all his jeans, sweaters, and shirts from there.  I walked in and as expected there was a sale going on for up to 50% off.  Then I headed over to the Children's Place Outlet to shop for the remaining kids.   There was an amazing sale there as well where I bought around 25 outfits for under $300 (I had 4 kids to shop for).  I went ham.

Now you know with all this work I did shopping I had to get myself something.  That adorable die clutch and bow necklace came from the Kate Spade Outlet.  I spent just under $100 for both items.  Let me tell you, if you love Kate Spade, but don't love the price tag you should definitely hit up the outlets.  When I went everything was 50% off.  There is always a great sale and a lot to choose from.

I did want to include a few tips if you plan on going to Las Vegas North Premium Outlets in Las Vegas to do some heavy duty holiday shopping:

  1. Google Internet In-Store Coupons - The outlets have awesome deals, but they get even more awesomer (yeah I just made that word up) with a coupon.  On top of the amazing deals I got at Children's Place, I was able to get an additional 25% off of my entire purchase. has an app you can download or you can google on your phone. You will also want to sign up for the VIP Shopper Club, where you will receive exclusive offers and a free VIP Coupon Book upon sign up. Become a member here.
  2. Bring an empty suitcase to the outlets - I know this sounds crazy, but for a lot of us visiting the Premium outlets is a special trip. The outlets are huge and those bags can get heavy.  A rolling suitcase could make carrying around those packages a lot easier.
  3. Bring your walking shoes - The outlets are huge. It's hard to even see everything they have to offer in one day.  

This post was sponsored by Simon Premium Outlets through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Simon Premium Outlets, all opinions are my own.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Let's Talk Tights

Before we jump into today's post, have you heard that theCURVYcon is coming back for 2016? There's a private pre-sale starting tomorrow and its exclusively for CurvyVIP's. I hope that you can join us next year. Now, let's get into this post.

I love super simple looks that look chic with minimum effort. A turtleneck is a closet staple that paired with the right item gives off a sophisticated look. You pair it with just about any flare skirt and you look fabulous. This is always a "go to" look for me during the colder months. It can also be an inexpensive look that looks expensive.

Style Notes: I always get questions about my tights and one of my favorite pair of tights are these from the Avenue. I have big legs, big thighs, and I'm tall which can make finding tights super hard to find. I usually get the largest size, a EEE. Avenue also has some cute patterned tights as well. The skirt is faux leather and was purchased in a 3X.

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