Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Horsing Around

Plus Size Resortwear, Saks Off Fifth

Plus Size Resortwear, Saks Off Fifth
I purchased this dress forever ago for my past vacation and didn't end up wearing it.  I wore this during my #blogher14 conference and shopped my own closet for my pieces.  I'm super sorry that most the items are sold out.  I purchased this dress from Saks Off Fifth which is becoming my new favorite place to get high end fashion at a discounted price.  
Plus Size Resortwear, Saks Off Fifth

Monday, July 28, 2014


Plus Size Pink Maxi Dress, Blogher, Khloe Kardashian

Plus Size Pink Maxi Dress, Blogher, Khloe Kardashian
This weekend I attended Blogher 2014 right here in bay.  I tell you, I was excited that I finally didn't have to travel to do something. Amazingly enough this was my first official blogger conference.  It started kicked off Thursday night and ended with a bang Saturday night.  Some of you may have been following me on Instagram, but this conference has awesome celebrity guests like Kerry Washington (who was a keynote speaker), Khloe Kardashian, and Rev Run from RunDMC as the guest DJ.  As a lover of hip hop, a real treat was that I got to hear Run rap, "It's Tricky." Did I think that would ever happen in my life?  No, but I will take it. LOL. 

Style Notes: I saw this dress while internet surfing on vacation and literally bought it off of my iPad.  It is from ASOS regular sizes.  I ordered a size 14.  There was a small lining underneath that I could not get to go over my hips, so I cut it on each side to fit.  Please note that there are sheer panels in the dress. There's one underneath the belt and one around the mid thigh area.  It felt a little short where the panel was, so I wore my nude shaper with it.  The dress doesn't have any stretch in it.  

Khloe Notes:  I feel like I have to do the notes on Khloe, since a lot of you had the same questions. Khloe is like a regular tall girl, but I think people thinks she's closer to 6 ft. I'm 5'9 and I had on flat sandals here.  She had on 4 - 5 inch heels here.  I'm thinking we are probably the same height.   In terms of size I assume her to be a 6/8. It reminds me of the time I saw Nene Leakes in person. She was like a 6/8. Yes, next to size 0s you will look really big, but they really are just regular size girls next to really small girls. Some asked if she was nice.  The pictures were really quick, but she did say she liked my dress and seemed to be really nice and patient about taking photos with everyone. You can't ask for much else. She is my favorite Kardashian.  In my head, we have similar personalities and play a similar role of the "snarky voice of reason" in our families. 
Plus Size Pink Maxi Dress, Blogher, Khloe Kardashian
Dress - ASOS, Belt - ASOS, Sandals - 6pm (similar)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Work & Play

Plus Size Outifts, plus size work outfit

Some of you have been asking me for more outfit inspiration, so I wanted to start doing just outfit inspiration posts between my personal style posts. Some of you have seen these on my Facebook page, but I wanted to start putting them on this platform, so that they are easier to find.   

Work: Top - Sierra Post, Skirt - Eloquii, Clutch - Dorothy Perkins. Shoes - Tory Burch

Play: Top - BoohooSkirt - Evans,  Clutch - Avenue32Shoes - ShoeDazzleLip - Girl About TownEarrings - SimplySoles

Monday, July 21, 2014

With My Skin Tan and My Hair Long...

plus size resortwear, halfmoon bay jamaica

I guess I don't have to say it, but Jamaica was amazeballs.  I had so much fun, I almost wish that I could just pack up everything and move.  I didn't want to leave everything was just too beautiful.  This is going to be a photo heavy post, but I kind of want to talk about everything at once.  Also, thank you for your patience. I know some of you have been following my posting via Instagram and Facebook and wanted to know where you could buy certain items, as usual, I will list and link items at the bottom of the post. Let's get into the breakdown. 

Accommodations:  We had a 7 room villa at the Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay.  There were 10 of us in the group, so we need accommodations for all.  The villa came with a chef, maid, a butler, a private pool, and 2 golf carts for us to get around the resort with.  The staff was absolutely amazing. Chef Janice was killing it. She provided us with breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. The food was amazing. She made authentic Jamaican dishes that were mouth watering.  A few of the dishes were ackee and salt fish, escovitch fish, rice and peas, and the highlight was her bread pudding.  Just know that we brought back the recipe for the bread pudding.  Cecil, our butler, made sure we had beautiful place to eat every meal and took care of any of our needs. I was just so impressed with the staff, they really made our stay just so relaxing and carefree. The resort was right on the beach. I spent most of my time just laying out, swimming, and relaxing. The water was amazing! I definitely plan on coming back and staying at Half Moon again.  

Reggae Sumfest:  Annually, Jamaica has a music festival featuring mostly reggae and some American artist.  The festival literally goes until 7am in the morning.  Now, I have to admit I couldn't hand. LOL.  I left the first night at 4am.  I had done all I could do.  I went Friday night and the headliners were Jason Derulo, Beenie Man, and Wiz Khalifa. I only mad it to Wiz.  I missed Beenie Man, but my friends said he turned it out.  Jason Derulo, in my opinion, was just a lack luster performance.  He did bring out Jordan Sparks, who was good, but his performance was just blah.  Someone said he had broken a rib, so I guess I'll give him that, but for me why waste an hour of my time if you don't want to perform. Let somebody else perform who actually wants to be there. My first impression of him was not good at all. After that Wiz Khalifa performed. He saved the day for me.  I'm a casual Wiz listener, but he turned me into a fan.  He was so passionate and energetic.  I was here for his entire performance.  I love to see people passionate about what they do and it totally translates on stage. He was just gave off a total rock star aura and I was here for all of it! If you plan to attend Sumfest plan to be there for 8 plus hours, have your bug spray, and your portable chair.  

Margaritaville:  If you want to get your club on then check out Margaritaville.  The second night, I went to Margaritaville which turns into a club after hours.  There was plenty of great dancing and music to enjoy.  I thought the bar was going to be filled with tourists, but it was mix of tourists and local people.  I wanted to check out the local dance scene, because I love the Jamaican style of dancing and it was amazing to watch.  (I wish I could do half the dances they do). I stayed to about 2am and headed back to the hotel.  I had an 8:30 shuttle to the airport, so you I had to take it down. 

Overall, the trip exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun and the resort made my time there just so ultra relaxing.  I can't wait to go back.  I think when I retire, I will buy a house in Jamaica and just spend the rest of my days in paradise. 

P.S. Sorry a lot of the items are sold out.  I shopped my own closet for a lot of the items and some of them were old.  If I know that it may be a while before I post, I generally will post the items on Facebook
plus size resortwear, halfmoon bay jamaica

plus size resortwear, halfmoon bay jamaica

plus size resortwear, halfmoon bay jamaica

Half Moon Bay Review

Plus Size Swimwear, Plus size bikini

Plus Size Swimwear, Plus size bikini

Plus Size Swimwear, Plus size bikini

Half Moon Review, Jamica, Reggae Sumfest

Jamaica, Half Moon Bay, plus size vacation review
Black/White Hat - e4Hats, Yellow Dress - ASOS, Sunnies - Tom Ford, White Swimsuit - HSN, Watermelon Clutch - ChipChop (sold out), Orange/Zebra Wrap - Madison Plus, (similar), Leopard Bikini - MonifC (sold out purchased last year), Pink Lip - MakeUpForever Aqua Rouge 16, Orange Lip - Lady Danger MAC  , Sheer Beach Pants - Simplybe, Black/White Swim Bottom - (sold out), (Anything else in the photos not posted is sold out)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Strapless Bra Post

Strapless Bra Guide, Plus Size Strapless Bra
Oh the never ending battle when it comes to finding the a strapless bra.  We search far and wide to find the perfect one.  One that will hold the girls in place without a whole bunch of pulling and tugging.  I did a round-up the strapless bras that I like and I even got imput from fellow blogger, Cece from Plus Size Princess.  I hope this helps you find that strapless bra you've been looking for. 

1. Lane Bryant & 3. Just My Size | Long Line Strapless Bras - The power of any bra is in the band.  With the long line bras you get that extra support with the wider band.  My long line bras are the ones that I have the least trouble with, but the downside is that they can feel like you are wearing armor. LOL. 

2.  Ashley Stewart | A good compromise between a long line and a regular strapless bra.  The back helps with smoothing.  This is my personal favorite. This bra is the truth!! The pricing is under $30 and can even be purchased cheaper on sale or with a coupon.  

4. Curvation | This bra has more of a bandeau design.  I like wearing this bra when I have on something relaxed like a sundress or something flow-y.  This is one is probably the most comfortable out of the bunch. 

5.  Cece's Pick - Bali Convertible |  I reached out to Cece from Plus Size Princess to ask her what her favorite strapless bra is.  Cece is bustier than I am, but her girls always seem to lifted to the heavens.  She says, "They make one that I'd wear every day its so supportive." I'm all for that! 
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